2016-03-17_0918Our qualified trainers cover most sizes, makes and models of lift trucks and provide training on location for employees to understand the principals of safe operation on equipment they’ll operate. We also offer a class open for public registration once per month on a Saturday at Westshore Centre for Learning and Training – refer to the calendar for dates.

Description & Objective

This Safety training course meets the requirements of WorkSafe BC and Canada Labor Code regulations. The focus is on the prevention of accident & injuries that may be caused by the improper and unsafe use of forklifts.

* Meets or exceeds ministry requirements for certification.

Course Details

This course will focus on operating instruction similarities to and differences from automobiles Emphasizing total concentration & safe operation.

  • Pre-trip inspections and maintenance
  • Controls and instruments
  • Steering and maneuvering
  • Visibility
  • Fork and attachment adaptation
  • Operation limitations and stability theory . Practical operation and evaluation.

The training consists of a short classroom session and then moves outside for one on one practical training, which will conclude as an evaluation. Upon successful completion, each participant will receive a wallet card record of completion.

Course Requirements
Basic knowledge to drive a motor vehicle, Steel toed safety boots and dress appropriately for working outdoors in clothing that protects you from the natural elements to keep cool in summer or warm and dry in fall/winter.

Cancellation Policy:
Pre-registration is required to ensure minimum enrollment is met and to determine the course will proceed. When a course fails to reach a minimum we reluctantly must cancel it. Please notify our office of any changes or cancellations. Payment in full will be processed and non refundable if cancellation is not received in our office 48 hours prior to course commencement. Roadmasters Safety Group Inc. reserves the right to modify or cancel any program, course, timetable or objective without notice or prejudice If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call 250-383-6041.