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    During severe weather conditions, Roadmasters Safety Group may make the decision to cancel or reschedule classes based on transportation and safety issues for everyone involved. If this occurs, our staff will communicate the cancellation through our website and Facebook page and call each person for rescheduling classes:  We encourage you to call our office to check before travelling to the class 250-383-6041.   […]
  • HeartSafe EMS
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    HeartSafe offers a wide range of first aid, paramedical and safety courses.  HeartSafe has been Victoria’s premier first aid training institute since 1999, providing the highest quality instruction with help from knowledgeable, experienced staff.  www.heartsafeems.com  (844) 375-0291  info@firstaidforbc.com […]
  • Methods for Payment
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    We will now accept interact e-Transfers as a method of payment for courses.   We also accept Visa & MasterCard On line payment will soon be an option :). […]
New Advanced Driver Training Course

Albion Driving School has just introduced a new level of driver training for Class 1….this course teaches the fundamentals that transport companies look for in new drivers. Learn how to chain up, proper load placement, load securement, how to slide axels and fifth wheel, communicating with dispatchers, filling out log books, scale procedures, and much more. This course takes place through BC’s mountainous terrain.  Check it out at….www.albiondrivertraining.com/new-advanced-driver-training-course/

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