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    During severe weather conditions, Roadmasters Safety Group may make the decision to cancel or reschedule classes based on transportation and safety issues. If this occurs, our staff will communicate the cancellation through our Facebook page and/or call the telephone number provided at the time of registration for rescheduling classes:  We encourage you to call our office to check before travelling to the class 250-383-6041. […]
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    COURSE DATES November 13 & 14 / December 11 & 12 / January 15 & 16 / February 12 & 13 / March 12 & 13 / April 9 & 10 / May 14 & 15 / June 11 & 12 / July 9 & 10 […]
  • TCP Requalification Course – 1 Day
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    Next Course Date – January 23, 2021 Requalification Eligibility; You are eligible to requalify 6 months prior to expiry You have 12 months after expiry to complete a requalification course however you CANNOT work as a TCP while your certificate is expired You have a valid Authorization Code BEFORE you register for the 1 Day Requalification Course you MUST obtain a valid 5-digit Authorization Code.  To obtain your Authorization Code please TEXT your 7 digit SN# to 604-229-5984.  […]


Class 1 MELT implementation

This past summer, ICBC announced upcoming changes to its Class 1 and air brake knowledge tests to support B.C.’s Class 1 Mandatory Entry-Level Training (MELT) requirement.


Roadmasters Safety Group courses have adapted to the NEW changes to air brake training requirements in B.C.

Single-unit air brake course

On Monday, October 18, 2021, ICBC will replace the existing 16 hour air brake course and 20 hour air brake certification program with a new training stream for drivers of single-unit air brake equipped vehicles. These changes align with the new single-unit air brake knowledge test that better targets the vehicles these drivers will be operating.

The change applies to those with a Class 2, 3, 4 or 5/7 driver’s licence who are applying for an air brake endorsement.

Applicants for an air brake endorsement to operate a single-unit vehicle (e.g., buses) must complete the new 7 hour air brake theory course before being issued an air brake course card to take the new single-unit air brake knowledge test.

A new 11 hour single-unit air brake certification program is replacing the current 20 hour certification program. Air brake certification facilities will be required to deliver a new 7 hour air brake theory course, as well as 4 hours of practical air brake training, totaling 11 hours.

Only Class 1 driver training schools approved to deliver the Class 1 MELT course may provide air brake theory and practical training to a Class 1 driver’s licence applicant, as part of the Class 1 MELT course.  for more details on Class 1 go to; Driver training news (icbc.com)