2016-03-17_1020Emergency service workers such as peace officers, fire and ambulance personnel are often called upon to control traffic around the scene of an emergency or accident. The BC Municipal Safety Association Emergency Scene Traffic Control course is intended for a broad scope of first responders and is compliant with WorkSafeBC guidelines for emergency scene management. It consists of a theory workshop and field training. Participants who successfully complete the training will understand the following:

  • Traffic control equipment
  • Equipment set up and take down
  • Principles of traffic management outlined in the traffic control manual
  • Use of a buffer vehicle to protect the workplace
  • Other appropriate safe work procedures
  • Instruction on personal protective clothing and safety equipment

This is the ideal course for any company or employee seeking information and training in the basic use of equipment, PPE and safe work procedures of traffic control. It also teaches the zones of an incident/accident scene and emphasizes safety.