Defensive Driving Improvement Program

This internationally recognized & respected program will help individuals and/or your employees to prevent collisions in spite of the actions of others. It is suitable for all drivers, especially those operating conventional passenger-style vehicles. The program is an excellent foundation for a corporate driver training program or as a refresher program. Studies have shown a pre to post course collision rate reduction of 22% and a criminal conviction rate reduction of 57% based on participants who took the program.

Duration: One Day
Program Capacity: 20 Maximum; (8 Minimum)

Safe Backing Seminar/ RV Safety

This short course will assist a driver in how to properly position a vehicle prior to backing up. It’s designed to show the driver what to look for , to understand blind spots and how to compensate for them. It will discuss “the ground guide” and methods to use a ground guide.

Winter Driving Program

This course is adaptable to everyday driving, fleet or corporate drivers, and is designed to instill confidence in the driver offering an outline on how to equip your vehicle, foresee dangerous driving situations, skid control, road conditions and how to deal with a road side break down.